Features Of Our Motion Comics

Smooth Animation

Motion comics, to some extend, is an art of camera movements. So we are quite good at this trick.

Meanwhile, we're also trying some cartoon-level animation based on our auto key-frame animation and 2.5D skeleton technology.

Amazing Special Effects

Special Effect seems luxurious for motion comics. But we've got tons of these.

Some may also based on our auto key-frame technology, and some are exactly created out of our particle effects system. Yeah, it's just something like what people usually do in a cartoon or flim.

Sound &. Voice

Music, sound FX, voices...We have everything you could expect for a high-quality motion comic.

We're working with many professional VO actors from new hands to award-winning stars, whose voices can be heard everywhere like Disney movies, NBC, AMC, etc.

3 Steps To Make A Static Comic Rock &. Roll

You may feel bored thinking of the extra work that may caused to do motion comics. Now, we must tell you that it’s been easier than never before. You give us the “OK”, and we finish all the rest work.

Image Preprocessing

Give us your comic images in high quality, 200 DPI or higher. PSD format with seperated layers would be highly preferred.

Of coz, we can also start from PDF, PNG or JPG files. But... That may affect the final effect of the artwork and take a little more time.

Design &. Production

Before we start, we'll design the story board of the motion version for creative review and estimating of time and cost.

Then, the designers and programmers will work together to make everything we've imagined real to life on the screen.


After production, we'll test the work to see if it runs smoothly and stably on various platforms and devices including iOS and Android. We then compile it into a single app or a new package in your comics store apps.

We may also convert it into an AVI file to let play everywhere or sell as a paid video.

Should you have any advice or inquiry, please feel free to contact us.