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Take Comics Into The Video Era!

Reach Millions Of More People
Maximize The Influence Of Your Stories

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A Stunning Combination Of
Comic, Animation, Voice And Music

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We do different motion comics like no one else. We keep 100% original and authentic comic feel. More than that, everything is innovatively rearranged, animated, and placed, plus voice acting and music, to give you a new cinematic way of enjoying comic stories.

Batman Eternal


Amazing Spiderman

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Your Best Partner To Explore A New Market

Focus &. Belief

Hover, the founder, started doing motion comics in early 2012, working as exec producer on more than ten titles of ComicFans, the biggest comics publisher in China. Those projects now have got over 150 million views on Chinese biggest video websites like and Hover started his own business, MT Comics, in 2014 targeting on oversea market and has signed several publishers including Dynamite, Bluejuice Comics, Monarch Comics, etc.

Professional &. Vigorous

Our Team members were graduated from Zhejaing University, China Academy of Art and ZUMC, some of the top schools in their own fields. The design and production team are all young guys of late 80's and early 90's, grew up with comics and videogames.

These guys are all comics aficionados and really enjoy the work to make static comics alive!

Lowest Cost

This is a new market. Many people think it's unknown and risky. If you're not confident enough for the sales, we can bear all production cost and share the revenue after we recoup the cost.

Anyway, you can also hire us to buy out all future benefits. Or maybe we can make out another plan somewhere in between.